How to Convert, Edit and Create PDF Documents Online

The PDF form or Portable Document File is a type of electronic file that makes it easier for files to be uploaded on the distinct web assets or attached with emails. It is fact that this format is more secure than MS Word and prevents anyone from editing your document. However, the non-editable attributes makes it less user-friendly, as you have to seek the help of extra software when you need to alter or edit your files.

When looking for a better way to edit your document an online resource is one of the most useful editor tools available. Try to research and find one that allows you to not only edit but re-save a document and then instantly share or print if required.

The best solution would also include an online document management tool that would add additional tools for you to manage your documents. A good editor would not only let you fill out a PDF form or edit a PDF document but create your own sales flyers from your manufacturer’s flyer. No more going to the graphic artist or printer. All you need to do is upload a document and right through your browser you Delete PDF Pages  can blockout sections, add your own pictures, logos and text and once finished, then save again and share.

There are yet more benefits of using an online editor or converter. Your original document is saved and stored securely. In the event of a disaster you can just login and bring back your document. Your document is safe and available from any web browser at any time. Some of the features of the editor that are useful are the ability to add or delete pages, rearrange pages or even add pages, graphics, cover letters or cover sheets. Each time that you save your document, every version is put away safely. This gives you and your company amazing flexibility when it comes to your documents.

It is a fact that converting a PDF document to word takes up a lot of time, effort and money, as the converter software is both difficult to use, and expensive. The problems that people face while converting word documents are:

  • The formatting and layout are not recognized during the alteration action, and is not converted as it is.
  • Paragraphs, line breaks, line ends, drop caps, changes in line spacing, alignments and other parts are not exactly identified and translated.
  • Elements like text boxes, graphs, tabs and more are not clearly demarcated in the translation.
  • The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality is inefficient in converting the scanned document properly. There are many elements that lose their meaning during the conversion process.
  • There is another problem that is faced by many people when they convert this type of document to word is that the text stream gets distorted and is not displayed accurately in the converted file. Certain objects are separated and broken where it is not required, and the spacing is improper.

All of these problems can be solved with the use of a capable tool that allows you to edit without altering the layout of the original document. Improper conversion due to inaccurate software just wastes time and money.

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